Networked Systems Security Group



What we are after is to make current and upcoming networked systems trustworthy, shielding them and their users from attacks and abuse. Our research agenda includes a gamut of security and privacy problems, with emphasis on wireless and mobile systems. We have a strong systems character, implementing and evaluating our solutions. At the same time, we pay close attention to theoretical methods, including, notably, formal protocol analysis and information-theoretic results. We are part of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, recently created at KTH.


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□ NSS is growing - 3 PhD openings and 3 post-doctoral posts available! Apply for a pre-doc post here and for a post-doc post here. Deadlines: last days of August 2019.
□ Top notch security and privacy events at KTH this summer. More details at this piece, with some Q/A.
□ Our work on Trustworthy IoT in the Swedish Engineering Academy list
□ Five-year prolongation of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Academy Fellowship (project running 2016-2021; class of 2013) granted! Press release here.
□ New multi-university project funded by the Strategic Research Foundation on security and privacy for smart environments. A brief summary here (in Swedish).




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  • Electrum 229
    164 40 Kista, Sweden

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  • Kistagången 16
    (alt.: Isafjordsgatan 22 or 26)

  • 164 40 Kista