Building Networked Systems Security

BNSS, MSc: EP2520, PhD: EP3250




What is the BNSS course about?

It is about implementing security for modern, state-of-the-art networked systems.


Why should you take this course?

You will get real-world security hands-on experience, building, experimenting and analyzing yourselves. You devote the whole course to project work, you get lots of interactions with the teaching team, and you attend targeted lectures that connect to the latest developments.


What will you learn?

To transform your solid understanding of security needs and schemes into actual solutions. To analyze and evaluate security mechanisms, in terms of their security level and their overhead. To custom-fit security to the constraints of specific networked systems. To deal with open-ended, real-world engineering problems. You will extend and deepen your knowledge on the networked systems covered in NSS and modern technologies.


Detailed Information about the course

Period 3, MSc: EP2520 (7.5 credits), PhD: EP3250 (8 credits).

Prerequisites: NSS or equivalent. Programming skills.

In-class lectures and presentations. Grading based on project report and presentation. Teaching material in English.

Grading, MSc students: Letter Grade.

Grading, PhD students: Pass-Fail.



Course tag

  • MSc: EP2520 (7.5 cr)

    PhD: EP3250 (8 cr)

    Period 3

Course schedule

  • 2021: Online + on campus, January 2021 - March 2021

Course material

    Course information here.

    Course @ Canvas (2021, for registered students only)

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