We offer three courses in periods 2 and 3: (i) Networked Systems Security (NSS), a broad scope introductory course on contemporary systems, (ii) Building Networked Systems Security (BNSS) that focuses on system aspects and an implementation project, and (iii) Advanced Networked Systems Security (ANSS) that investigates recent selected research results and requires a research oriented project.


NSS and BNSS are typically 4th year Engineering Degree/1st year MSc courses, while ANSS is typically addressed to 5th year/2nd year MSc students. If you wish to take any of them at an earlier point in your program or you are not certain if you have the prerequisite courses or background, please send an email.


The courses are also open to PhD students. Please email us and include the course(s) (PhD codes) in your electronic Individual Study Plan (eISP).


We also offer BSc and MSc thesis projects - please see details here. As a KTH student, you can choOse one of the relevant codes below. If your program course codes are not included, please email us and your program coordinator.


For BSc: II142X, EP112X, EP111X, II142X, IA150X.


For MSc: EP242X, EP240X, EP247X, EP248X, EP249X, EP243X, DA226X, DA225X, DA239X, DA246X, DA248X, DA258X, DA256X, DA235X, DA233X, EA238X, EA256X, EA258X, EA246X.


Last but not least, it is possible to undertake individual research projects and receive course credits, when attending CySeP or if you do undergraduate research with NSS. If interested, please email us the same way you would to express interest in a BSc and an MSc thesis.


Networked Systems Security (NSS)

Fundamental concepts and technologies related to the security of modern, state-of-the-art networked systems.

Period 2, MSc: EP2500 (7.5 credits), PhD: EP3200 (8 credits).

Course introduction here.

Course website here.


Building Networked Systems Security (BNSS)

Implementing security for modern, state-of-the-art networked systems. Follow-up of NSS.

Period 3, MSc: EP2520 (7.5 credits), PhD: EP3250 (8 credits).

Course introduction here.

Course website here.


Advanced Networked Systems Security (ANSS)

Deep understanding and cutting-edge engineering of security for state-of-the-art emerging networked systems. Follow-up of NSS/BNSS.

Period 2, MSc: EP2510 (7.5 credits), PhD: EP3300 (8 credits).

Course introduction here.

Course website here.



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Student projects

  • You are welcome to contact us for BSc or MSc projects.

    Currently available BSc and MSc thesis topics can be found here.