Networked Systems Security (NSS)

Fundamental concepts and technologies related to the security of modern, state-of-the-art networked systems.

EP2500, 7.5 credits (MSc).

EP3200, 8 credits (PhD).

Period 2

Course webpage.


Building Networked Systems Security (BNSS)

Implementing security for modern, state-of-the-art networked systems. Follow-up of NSS.

EP2520, 7.5 credits (MSc).

EP3250, 8 credits (PhD)

Period 3

Course webpage.


Advanced Networked Systems Security (ANSS)

Deep understanding and cutting-edge engineering of security for state-of-the-art emerging networked systems. Follow-up of NSS/BNSS.

EP2510, 7.5 credits (MSc).

EP3300, 8 credits (PhD).

Period 2

Course webpage.



Student projects

  • (to be updated) As a follow-up to the MSc courses you are welcome to contact us for MSc projects.

    Currently available MSc thesis topics can be found here.


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