MSc and BSc Theses



We are delighted to work with students that are keen to undertake an ambitious BSc thesis or MSc thesis project with us. We have multiple topics connected to each of our research areas. Please see the short descriptions for each area, as well as any publication or talk, to have a clear idea on our work.

We value thesis work, this is why several of our past students' work contributed to publication of results; papers, posters, and demos. You can see here a long list of alumni, having successfully completed MSc and BSc theses with NSS. Even if there is no follow-up publication, there are excellent pieces of work and enriching collaborations.


Which topics are available?

As mentioned, any topic related to our research agenda can be a great match. Please identify the areas, topics, papers, or even recent theses supervised and examined by us, that are closer to your technical interests and skills and let us know about it.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Certificate Revocation List Distribution in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
  • Decentralized Efficient and Robust Public Key Infrastructure
  • Enhancing Location Privacy in Vehicular Networks
  • Hardened Registration for Participatory Sensing Systems
  • On Secure and Privacy-enhancing Integration of Smart Contracts and Access Provision for Vehicular-sharing Systems
  • Privacy Enhancing Data Reporting System for Participatory Sensing
  • Scalable and Resilient Public Key Infrastructure for Modern Internet
  • Scalable and Resilient Secure Vehicular Communication Systems
  • Secure and Privacy-enhancing Smart Contracts for Vehicular-sharing Systems
  • Secure and Privacy-enhancing Vehicular Sharing and Access Systems Considering Untrusted Service Providers
  • Secure Mobility Management in Information-Centric Networking
  • Secure Network Synchronization
  • Secure Positioning
  • Security and Privacy for Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure
  • Security and Privacy for Location-based Services
  • Security and Privacy for Participatory Sensing
  • Security and Privacy for Vehicular Platooning
  • Security and Privacy Issues in Information-Centric Networking
  • Security and Privacy Issues of Low-power Internet of Things
  • ...


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What skills are needed?

It depends on the topic and the methodology as well as the student's background and preparation. Please let us know what are your strongest skills, either in terms of systems or theory for security and/or privacy. Moreover, please let us know about other (not security or privacy) skills that can be important for the thesis work.


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How can you express your interest?

If you are student at KTH, or you are in a joint program or an exchange student and in any case you are eligible to undertake a KTH thesis, please get in touch. Please keep in mind that significant effort, contribution and novelty are expected for an MSc thesis. Similarly, precise and solid technical engineering and scientific work are expected for a BSc thesis.


If you are motivated, please email us your resume/CV, your transcripts, and one note (max. 1 page) explaining your interest and preparation for the project. Please highlight your relevant skills and expertise and which area(s) of our work is (are) a better match. If you are getting in touch for an MSc thesis to be hosted by an industrial partner, please include full contact information of the candidate industry supervisor(s) and a detailed description of the topic and context.


Please email ( with all information with subject "[BSc/MSc thesis application] First and Last Name (program acronym/course code)".


Applications will be reviewed continuously.


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  • Projects are available all year round.


    You are strongly encouraged to get in touch well before the completion of your coursework.


    There can be more than one student working on each announced topic (unless noted otherwise). But each student shall work on her/his own problem and shall be individually assessed.